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 A sample of a few of our completed projects can be found on the PDF links below:

BHS - Bulk Handling Systems :
Installation of Materials Recycling Facility ( MRF )
At: Sita UK, Avonmouth, Bristol, UK

Komptech Vertriebsgesellschaft Deutschland mbH :
(Now WTT Germany / WTT B.V.)
Installation of Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant ( MBT ),
At: Veolia Environmental Services, Southwark,  London, UK

Smulders Waste Technology B.V. :
Installation of Materials Recycling Facility ( MRF ),
At: Ballast Phoenix,Tilbury Docks, UK

 Machinex Industries Inc. :Installation of Materials Recycling Facility ( MRF )
At: Cory Environmental, Wandsworth, London, UK

 New Earth Solutions :Installation of In-Vessel Rotary Drum Composting System
At: New Earth Solutions, Canford, Dorset, UK

 OKLM Recycling Technology :Installation of Full Materials Recycling Facility (MRF),
At: Sleekburn, UK

 CP Manufacturing inc. :    
Installation of Materials Recycling Facility ( MRF ),
At: Greenstar Atlas (now Biffa) Edmonton, London, UK

 Bioganix Composting Ltd:Installation of 4 off In-Vessel Rotary Drum Composting System,
Suffolk, UK

 Pirelli Cables : Project Management of Decommissioning of Vertical Laying Up Machine

 Tarkett Marley Floors Ltd : Removal and Transport of 15m x 4.2m 6.5t silo
UK to Luxembourg

 Henkel Surface Technologies : Decommissioning and Removal of Chemical Production Facility
Belvedere, UK

 JDR Cables :
 Installation of Armoring Machine Lines, Extruder, & Under Roller System
 Hartlepool, UK

 Fintrade Technologies Ltd:
 Multi- Customer Worldwide Machinery Relocation Project

 Gauder Group S.A. :
 Dismantling, Removing and Loading of Cable Making Machinery,
Northfleet, UK

 Westwell Developments Ltd : Installation of Horizontal Mill, Leeds,

 W&W Project Services Ltd : Removal of Complete Cerrutti Press,
At: Karl Augustin AG, Switzerland

 Quinton Hazell :Decommission and Re-installation of Machining Centre,

  Knauf UK GmbH :  
Installation of Drum Cooler and Running Frame
Sittingbourne, Kent, UK

 Hobourn Automotive Decommissioning Automotive Machine Tools and Onwards Shipping
UK to Brazil

 Steelcase Plc :Decommissioning of Office Furniture Manufacturing Machinery,

 Cabelte Holdings SGPS S.A.:
Relocation of CCV Cable Making Line
UK to Portugal


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